In My Library

Hugh Johnson's the Story of Wine  My favorite when it comes to wine history.

Grapes & Wines: A Comprehensive Guide to Varieties and Flavours  Indispensible guide to world of wine from a grape perspective. Where are the different grapes grown and how do the wines made from them taste? Oz Clarke and Margret Rand give the answers.

The World Atlas of Wine  I love the detailed maps in Johnson and Robinsons comprehensive wine atlas. Useful, not only when you want to study the geography of the wine districts at home, but also a great (however a bit heavy) companion onsite. The maps are accompanied by informative introductions to each of the wine countries, their regions and most important districts.

The Battle for Wine and Love: Or How I Saved the World from Parkerization

Alice Feiring fights for wines that express their origin and sense of place. She is against the global uniformity and the desire to please a certain influential wine critic.
This is a personal and entertaining story, as well as informative about wine style and winemaking.
Follow Alice on her journey to some of the great wine regions in search for the authentic.

Authentic Wine

Goode and Harrop fold out the secrets of winemaking in a knowledgeable and interesting way. A balanced discussion on the topic of "natural" wines.