September 09, 2012

Wine at University

Autumn is here and as usual a lot of activities. To my great joy, it seems that the calendar will be crowded with wine related events. 

A wine class at University, that was not what I thought would be included just ten days ago. I had applied in spring, but got a negative reply in July. Then, suddenly an e-mail which offered me to join the class. Several excuses apparently. And I was happy.

So now I will approach wine from a new perspective, the academic. The history of wine is appears first on the syllabus. A subject which really interests me. Hugh Johnson’s great book about the story of wine has previously been my major source. Now new books/articles will get me deeper into the subject. Great!

The first day was fun and busy. I never thought I would be tasting and making wine in a Swedish University. But now I have done it! Wine from already prepared grape must, but still wine. In January we will know the outcome – will it be drinkable?

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