July 23, 2012

Spicy dish + Gewurztraminer = Perfect

Summer holiday is lovely. Long days and bright evenings spent just relaxing. Much easy cooking at home accompanied by wines in the lighter style.

The other day, we enjoyed a dinner out and were reminded about how well a Gewurztraminer matches spicy dishes. A salad including fresh root vegetables and apples was served with a well-balanced curry mayonnaise. The 2011 Neethlingshof Gewurztraminer was a perfect match. The nose filled of litchi, roses and sweet summer flowers. A round spicy palate with just a hint of fruit sweetness, an agreeable fresh finish and good length.

In wine classes, people often like the perfumed soft Gewurztraminer. The wine’s role as aperitif is unquestioned. But then the same question each time. “What can we serve to this wine? Is there really anything that can match?”

The answer, of course; “Try it to a spicy dish, instead of the routinely selected beer. You will most probably like it.” Most often they look at me in disbelief, but come back some weeks later with a new experience. Now convinced.

My list of Gewurztraminer favourites is heavily dominated by Alsace and producers such as Gustave Lorentz, Hugel, Trimbach, Marcel Deiss and Comtes d’Isenbourg. Lately I have enjoyed Jean-Baptiste Adams organic Gewurztraminer Les Nature 2010 with great pleasure. The Neethlingshof will be the new entry on the list.

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