May 27, 2012

Why not choose a wine of quality?

Quality in wine, what is that? For me it would be a nose that gives a range of fragrances. A nose that evolves and give new scents as time goes. More nuances to explore. The taste should be well balanced; acidity, tannins, fruitiness and alcohol. And, very important, there should be a good length.

A wine of quality lasts longer in the glass. Consequently more is left in the bottle when the meal is over. And the second half of the bottle can be enjoyed the next day (after a night in the refrigerator). If the wine still is under development, it probably tastes even better day two thanks to the accelerated maturation when exposed to oxygen.

Quality, for example the lovely Moulin Touchais.
At tastings and wine classes, almost everyone seems to agree. There is a clear difference between a simple wine and a quality wine. And then I do not mean the most expensive wines, but quality wines affordable for the general public. The better wine would typically be double the price compared to the cheap one.

So I should be happy with that. My aim of spreading the message of quality seems to be achieved. The better wines are really appreciated and enjoyed.
But sadly I have now realised that so many revert to old habits. When they visit the store and choose the wines to have at home, their quality experience seems to have vanished.
”Yes, I know. You showed us so many great wines. But at home we’ve always bought these box-wines and it is so convenient.” Not an unusual reply to my question “Have you had any great wines lately/during the summer/during the holiday/etc?”
Of course, the choice to have a simple, soft, perhaps even a sweetish fruit bomb, with short length (where you quickly have to take another sip to know what it really tastes like – and of course drink too much) should be respected. It is not for me to judge what people like to buy. But it makes me feel so sad.
Quality is important to me. There are so many industrially manufactured wines of lower quality. Why buy them, when you instead can find so many dedicated wine makers out there? People who put their soul into the wine to give us an extraordinary quality experience. And you can often get that treat for just a very moderate price addition.
Can you understand? I can’t. Why drink non-quality wine, when there are so many great ones? Life is too short for simple wine.

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