May 03, 2012

The fascination of wine

What is it that makes wine so fascinating? All this great interest, commitment and enthusiasm? Wine is just another beverage. Isn’t it?
Jamie Goode mentioned the phenomena on his wine blog some days ago; “The siren call of wine”. He concluded that wine has a magnetic appeal, which affects people deeply. Sometimes wine even makes people change their lives.
I have also seen the phenomena and wondered what it is that makes wine so exciting. Once you are into wine, you cannot get loose of its spell. Well, I have a theory.
The world of wine has some unique features that tickle the first interest and then contribute to keep us spellbound. Wine is like a magic potion brewed of three ingredients.
First. Wine talks to all your senses. It is a rewarding feeling for your nose and palate to taste a wine. To see the beautiful colour, to find the aromas, to feel the texture. It is a sensory experience, which gives so much pleasure.
Second. Wine stimulates your intellect. There is so much to learn about it. History, biology, geology, chemistry, geography, etc. And not to forget, there is so much to find out about specific wines and the people dedicated to making the wine. You want to get to know these people, by meeting them or reading about them, learn their stories and their philosophy. And as the world of wine is constantly changing, there is always more to learn.
Last, but not least important. Wine is a social experience. Wine is something you share with your friends. And wine gives you new friends and memorable moments together with other wine lovers.
No wonder that the community of wine lovers are growing. Wine is magic!  

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