March 25, 2012

For the love of wine and friends

What can be more exciting than to host a tasting for your friends, the nearest and dearest? For wine lovers who think wine is more than just some fun to drink. For those who share the deep interest in this multifaceted beverage. Who always want to learn more. Who want to hear the story behind it. Who love to share the impression and discuss it.

On my part, the answer is obvious. To plan the tasting!

A few times each year we meet for a blind tasting.  The host chooses the wines. That is the exciting task, to come up with a good selection. Sometimes I begin to think about it almost a couple of months before the event. Now it is time again.

There could be a theme. They often expect one. An ordinary one would be a country, a region or a specific grape. Perhaps a bit boring? Even if you can learn a lot, we have had that a number of times.

What about  a more subtle one?  Nice wines exposed to different kind of oak during maturation? Or a flying winemaker’s global contribution to the world of wine?

What have we tasted recently? Something to pick up from the recent months’ tasting? Where there any interesting discussions, something that we can take a closer look at? Yes, could be a path to explore.

Yet another perspective - trends. What are the hot topics in the wine magazines and on the blogs? Should we jump into and explore a trend? “Natural wine” seems to be a talking point of today. Could that be something?

Although, I could refrain from the theme. Fool them all. Mix haphazardly. Pick some goodies from the cellar. If asked, the theme would of course “my favourites”. And I have a lot of favourites.

Ordinary? Contemporary? Surprise?

It is worth thinking about, and a great pleasure to do so. For the love of friends and wine.  

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